Ludomusicology, sounds like a big complicated scientific word but, is simply the study of video game music! I’m sure it was possible to know it was some type of study of music by the “music” and “ology” in its name. Ludomusicology is a new and non traditional field of study. From what I have found not a lot of people study this field seriously, but as a video game enthusiast and composer, I respect the field and hope to learn everything I can about it. 

I have only found one legitimate research group on this subject (the rest are buried in blog posts and reviews on the most popular video game websites). is a group of musicologists who study the musicological approach to video game music- completely independent from film music and other media music. They offer conferences based on this field and share what they have found in their studies.

Since, as I stated previously, there is not a lot on this subject, my hope is to research popular video game soundtracks, successful games, unsuccessful games, look up reviews and much more and make my own conclusions about the field. What makes a soundtrack enticing? How can the music of a video game immerse the player further into gameplay? Can video game music be used in different areas of life? For example, if video game music is meant to immerse its player in whatever activity they are partaking couldn’t it be used as study music? Or will it be too distracting because they associate the music with an action packed adventure?

My final goal is to take what I learn and compose a game soundtrack of my own- one of my dreams- I would like to start at the end of summer and hopefully finish by the end of my Junior Year.